The iPhone Three Lens Optical System

iPhone Tri LensI’m a big fan of Photojojo. Frankly, I’m addicted. From their Canon Camera Lens Mug to their Wood Camera iPhone Case, they tend to combine two things I love (the iPhone and photography) to come up with irresistible products. Now they’ve come up with another option to expand your iPhone’s capabilities : the iPhone Lens Dial.

If you’ve ever desired more flexibility from your iPhone camera, then Photojojo’s new Lens Dial may be the perfect solution. Available in one sturdy aluminum case that’s compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S, users are able to rotate between three optical-quality coated glasses lenses – fisheye, wide angle and telephoto. The iPhone Lens Dial is also equipped with two tripod mounts for portrait or landscape shots to make getting that perfect shot even easier.

You can pick up the iPhone Lens Dial for $249 at Photojojo.