Swedish Indoor ski resort to feature 2,297 foot downhill slope and hotel

According to Gizmag, Sweden’s ambitious $292 million dollar indoor ski project, Skipark 360°, is a go with construction set to begin in 2013. The man-made ski resort is being built to ensure that there is still plenty of skiing to be had during bad winters and it will also allow the country’s elite athletes to train year round.

indoor skiing

The winter park will house the only indoor ski slope to meet the requirements for hosting the World Cup, measuring 700 meters (2,297 feet) long and with a drop of 160 meters (525 feet). With an impressive height close to 135 meters (443 feet), the sporting facility will create a striking landmark, positioned in a forest located in Balsta, 45 minutes outside Stockholm.

The downhill ski slope will be the resort’s main attraction, however the facility will also feature a terrain park, 3.5-kilometer (2.2-mile) cross country skiing tunnel; arenas for biathlons, ice hockey and figure skating.  Conveniently located within the facility will also be a hotel with conference facilities, restaurants, and shopping, all with panoramic views.

The park may be the biggest in the world, but the creators also hope to make it the greenest. It is envisioned that the building will be 100 percent self-sufficient, by incorporating renewable energy from sources such as geothermal heating, solar power, wind power and hydro power.

SkiPark 360

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