Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita

Le Grotte della Civita

…the underlying philosophy is to not betray the ‘soul’ of the building

Le Grotte della Civita is nestled just under the city of Matera. It is the only hotel in the world located within prehistoric caves that have been restored after centuries of use. The result is a unique experience unlike any other hotel establishment- a UNESCO World Heritage site where luxurious comfort converges with prehistoric design.

…We respect the symbolic identify of the buildings. In the Abruzzo Mountains the peasant life had its own intimate poetry. The interiors of the buildings, for all their poverty, had a welcoming feel; the friendly hearth at the heart of the house. One of the principle aims of our restoration is to maintain this sense of welcome…

Our objective was to make the minimum intervention to the interior, letting the cave interior express itself.

This unique hotel with 18 spacious cave rooms has been restored with meticulous attention to detail. During the restoration when the designers needed to recreate elements which were no longer present- from bedside tables to towels – rather than introduce new design elements, they used local materials, which reflect the color, texture, and scents identified with the local area. Furnishings are all based on rural historic traditions; from the beds, to the linen which covers them (created by artisans in local style and color).


Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita is approximately 40 miles from Bari Airport (BRI) and 200 miles from Naples International Airport (NAP).

For more information: Le Grotte della Civita website


Le Grotte della Civita