Self-Generating Travel Charger Suitcase

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It’s safe to say with an international trip with three kids scheduled for next week, that I am thinking ahead about how to keep them entertained and happy. With any luck, they will sleep the majority of the 10 hours in the air and part of the 4 hours waiting in airports, but we all know that my sanity (and others around me) will be very dependent on hand held gadgets to keep them entertained.

Currently our arsenal of gadgets include 2 iphones, 2 ipods, 2 ipod shuffles, 2 laptops, 2 gameboys, and an iPad, so the issue isn’t a lack of gadgets, apps, or media, but the power to keep them running.  As much as I preach to the kids to keep their devices charged it typically falls on old Dad to keep our digital world running, which is always a challenge when traveling.

So, what’s a Dad to do? After waiting several hours for a flight our entertainment gadgets are already low on juice and all the outlets are taken. The kids have excess energy to burn so I get them to drum up some power for the gadgets by rolling their suitcase around. Huh?

Self Generating Travel Charger Suitcase

Designer Jung Inyoung has come up with a pretty cool concept of a rolling suitcase that provides power to your devices using kinetic energy. The more you drag your suitcase from place to place, the more power you can produce for your gadgets. The hard-shell suitcase consists of several parts. First, there are two gears on the bag’s wheels that collect energy as you stroll around the airport; the energy is then stored in a charge battery. At the top of the suitcase is a portable battery (that draws power from the charge battery) where you can plug in your dying gadgets.

A perfect solution to my problem, right? Unfortunately, this suitcase is just a concept. There’s no word on if or when this product will come to market.


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