KLM to Launch Social Seating Tool: Meet & Seat

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Ever wish you could turn those long plane rides into a social opportunity? Or maybe you just want to avoid getting stuck next to the wrong person? What if you could do both of these by using your social networks to select who you sit next to?

Such a service is launching next year and it isn’t a startup, but KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The “Meet and Seat” service currently in development will launch early next year and allow passengers to tap their social media accounts and pick seat mates based on friends and interests. According to Techcrunch the service will work with Facebook and LinkedIn, but not Twitter. The tool will also be opt-in only allowing travelers to choose whether to make their profiles publicly available.

Tnooz points out that KLM is not the first airline to consider the concept- Malaysia Airlines is also releasing a service on Facebook that lets passengers see which friends are taking the same flight or visiting a destination at the same time.

We’ll have to wait and see if the idea catches on with customers, but it is good to see airlines pushing to integrate social deeper into the travel process. If you were flying KLM would you use this?

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