Grid-It: flexible storage for gadgets and digital stuff

Grid-It, where have you been my adult life?

The problem: I have so many gadgets, cables, cords, and other small items with no place to go within my bag. Even though there are some great bags out there, most fail when it comes to providing flexible storage for all of the necessary small items that go along with laptops, iPads, iPhones, cameras, and other gadgets. I’ve tried a multitude of solutions, but most of the time it means putting a lot of smaller items into a larger pocket or separate container, and then dumping them out on the desk or floor when needing to access them. Most of the time they end up in a tangled mess or I simply can’t find what I am looking for in a timely manner.

Grid-It before and after

Grid-It solves most of my problems (I need more than one to fit most of my stuff) with an approach that is simple, but ergonomic using a grid of elastic straps to store and arrange your digital gear in a versatile and convenient layout.

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