Gig Pack Backpack Scooter Concept

Gig Pack scooter

Ever wish you could zip from gate to gate and get to that airport connection a little faster, and with a little less effort? Even though this is just a concept, a convertible backpack scooter sure could come in handy for the frequent traveler. The Gig Pack, designed by Brazilian Gustavo Breck, is essentially a collapsible scooter smartly integrated and attached to a backpack.

For a user needing a little extra speed, they simply zip apart the backpack, fasten the front and back wheels, and secure a few straps to prevent them from getting caught on the ground. Then off you go, zipping off to your next destination in half the time. When not in use for travel, the scooter’s rear segment is folded inside the backpack, leaving plenty of space for other items.

I’m thinking this would be perfect for each of my each of my kids as we transfer from terminal to terminal, allowing them to keep up with the frantically walking adults trying not to miss our next flight.

If you are interested in producing or manufacturing this backpack get in touch with Gustavo.


Gig Pack by Gustavo Brenck at Coroflot

Scooter Backpack by Gustavo Brenck on Designboom