Digital Detox: The Ultimate Guide to Switching Off (even on vacation)

Digital Detox

How long can you go without looking at your iPhone, laptop, or other digital device? If you live for a ding or have anxiety when you’re separated from your iPhone, theres a good chance you could use some digital detox.

New research shows that nearly half of us feel so tied down by technology that we can’t let an email or text pass us by- even when on vacation. But don’t worry you are not alone. In a recent survey by American Express, 79% of travelers expect to remain connected all or some of their time on their next vacation.

In a survey of top online activities while on vacation, here’s the percentage of participants who said they:

• 72% read personal email

• 49% utilized Internet sites to find trip-related information

• 41% did online banking

• 27% checked/updated their social-media profiles

• 25% stayed abreast of the news

• 17% checked work email

Source: Echo research for American Express, 2011


While most hotels are ramping up for opportunities enabled by mobile technology, others are recognizing the need to introduce “digital detox” packages that offer customers the ability to escape their smartphones and laptops, some even offering discounts for “de-teching.”

A relaxing beach trip without interruptions from electronic gadgets is the goal of a new St Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority marketing campaign. The Caribbean nations are challenging travelers to leave their smartphones and laptops behind as part of a new digital-detox vacation package, complete with a de-tech guidebook, and a life coach.

The week-long trip takes in two private island resorts, where there are no TVs in the rooms and, at one of the destinations, iPhones and laptops on beaches are banned. Before arriving to the islands, visitors will receive tips on how to prep and de-tech for the stay, and the on-site life coach will provide advice on how to not let tech control your life.

What do you think? Could you completely leave your iPhone and laptop behind for a week?

For those who think they can (or are willing to try), check out the Digital Detox packages from St Vincent And The Grenadines on their website or follow them on Twitter and Facebook. If you want to read their full guide to Digital Detoxing, check out this PDF: Digital Detox: The Ultimate Guide to Switching Off.

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